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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 30 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge: What Are Your Goals For October?

My 30 days of writing have finally come to an end. I'm a little sad, because this month has been lot of fun; but I'm also glad, because now I have all of October to work on getting my NaNoWriMo novel ready to write.

I always love the beginning of a new month; it's like a fresh start. October especially, because it's such a beautiful month.

My goals for October:

Finish plotting and outlining my novel

Flesh out my characters

Memorize everything I need to know for my ballet exam

Finish all of my over-due library books

Wish me luck!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 29: If You Could Have Dinner With 10 People, Dead or Alive, Who Would You Pick?

I'm basically picking all the people that I could listen to forever: intelligent people, witty people, people that I'm totally in love with.

1. Jesus

2. J.R.R Tolkien

3. C.S Lewis

4. J.K Rowling

5. Jane Austen

6. The Virgin Mary

7. St. John Paul II

8. Mark Hart

9. Mother Theresa

10. Lucille Ball

Can you imagine the dinner conversation?

I think Lewis and Tolkien would be having deep philosophical discussions, and Jo Rowling would be listening in, unashamedly taking notes the whole time.

Jesus, Mary, Mother Theresa, and JPII would be chatting like old friends, and Mark would just be staring at them, trying not to freak out.

Jane and Lucy would exchange witty banter.

I would probably either stay quiet and listen to what everyone is saying, or try to be in all three conversations at once.

I'm going to end this post now, because I want to stop thinking about such an amazing thing that can never happen.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 28: Who or What do You Miss?

Warning: Cliche blog post ahead!

I miss being little.
Do you remember those warm summer days when your friends would unexpectedly show up at your house? They didn't need to call or text you first. They would just arrive, pounding on the door, with joyful little smiles on their faces. You would run out to meet them. You didn't care that your outfit didn't match, that your hair wasn't brushed and straightened, or that you were barefoot.

You and your friends would play hide-and-seek-tag, or would jump on the trampoline. You would have lemonade stands and eat your weight in Popsicles.

Then there were the snow days. You would wake up, and nothing would be as beautiful as your back yard blanketed in snow. Heart pounding, you would sprint down the stairs to see if school was closed. If it was, the pounding on the door would come. Your friends would be there, bundled up in coats and scarves with sleds in hand. You would sled all day, hoping and praying that tomorrow you could do it all over again.

I miss this. I miss not having to care about anything but having as much fun as possible. I miss the simplicity. I miss not understanding the word "insecurity." I miss not having to worry about money and college and making everyone happy. I miss not feeling mediocre. I miss being little and happy and free.

But I'm also thankful. I'm thankful for the wisdom I have gained while I grew up. I'm thankful that I got to grow up in the first place, because many are denied that privilege. I'm thankful that I have learned to not take the little things for granted. I'm thankful for life itself, for it certainly is a beautiful thing.


Day 27: What is the Most Disappointing Book You've Ever Read?

The Death Cure, by James Dashner.

I have to admit, I wasn't planning on reading the Maze Runner series. I had heard some good things, and some not so good things. I had a huge reading list, and just decided not to read it.

But then I saw the movie trailer, and I was intrigued. Who put them in the maze? Why couldn't they remember anything? How would they get out? What would happen if they did get out?

So, despite the things I'd heard about this series, I decided to read it.

I read The Maze Runner in one day, and I loved it. The characters were amazing, and the plot was mysterious and intense. I couldn't put the book down, and once I finished it I went right on to the next one.

Scorch Trials was very good, though I think I still liked the Maze Runner a little bit better. My favorite character wasn't in it for most of it, but even without her it was good. It was fast-paced, thrilling, and full of plot twists. Characters were developed throughout the whole thing. And then at the end, something happened. I'm not going to tell you what, because I don't want to be that person who spoils everything. I will simply tell you that something happens, and it sets the tone for the entire last book.

It took me a long time to read the Death Cure. I was just so frustrated. The main character started to get on my nerves. First I was disappointed in him. Then I was annoyed. Then I couldn't even read because I was angry! I know characters need to have flaws, but not necessarily ones that make the reader not want to root for them anymore.

Eventually I got through the Death Cure, and the climax was very exciting, and I cried a lot, and then I was disappointed again. The ending was anything but satisfying. There was little to no character development, except that the main character became an unforgiving jerk. Seeing the Maze Runner movie, seeing how he used to be, was so painful.

My rant in a nutshell: the first two books were great, the last one was disappointing. But hey, at least now I know what not to do! Thanks, Mr. Dashner!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 26: If You Had a Million Dollars, What Would You Do With It?

If I had a million dollars, I would do something to fix all of this:

God has blessed me with a compassionate heart, and I hope to make a difference with it.


Day 25: Discuss Someone Who Fascinates You

I love interesting people. I love people who are interesting to look at. I love people who are interesting to talk to. I love uniqueness. After all, why would you want to spend time with someone who only acts like everyone else?

The fascinating person that I'll be discussing today is named Adeline. She is the team leader for my all-girl youth group, called Challenge. What I love about her is that she is perfectly and unapologetically herself.

Adeline is a devout Roman Catholic. But she is also a hippie. Now, don't get me wrong. She's not a marijuana-smoking vegan hippie. She is a hippie because she firmly believes in peace, joy, and love. She even has beads and dreads woven into her wavy hair. She barely wears any makeup. She is beautiful.

Adeline is the happiest person I know. She always has a smile on her freckly face, and she has the most endearing laugh. She becomes friends with everyone that she meets. She loves indie music and poetry.

The more time I spend with her, the more I think 'Adeline' is synonymous with 'sunshine.'


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 24: What is Your Favorite Movie?

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite movie, because I have so many! But I decided to go with one that I was obsessed with when I was seven, and is still one of my favorites now: Pride and Prejudice.

Though all the movie adaptions of this book are wonderful, my favorite is the 2005 version (BBC is a close second though. I mean, Collin Firth. Enough said.).

When I was a little girl, it was my big sister Kelsey's favorite movie. I watched it with her every time, because I was fascinated by the beautiful dresses and the old-fashioned etiquette and of course, the accents.

Now, I watch it to appreciate Knightley's and McFadden's wonderful portrayals of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, the beautiful love story, and, of course, the accents. 

I'm not sure if I love Pride and Prejudice because of the part of me that's a hopeless romantic, or the writer part of me that loves the amazing characters. Maybe it's both.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 23: Post Pictures of Five Celebrities You Find Attractive

 It's almost embarrassing how easy this post was for me.

1.Tom Hiddleston (no surprises there). 

2. Benedict Cumberbatch. He is seriously just so unique and strange-looking that it makes him so handsome. He is also one of the best actors ever.

3. Colin O'Donogue. I don't know if I love him or his character more. 

4. Viggo Mortensen. He has great facial hair. And Aragorn is like, the perfect man.

5. Orlando Bloom. I fell in love with him/Will Turner when I was really little. Plus he punched Justin Beiber a few months ago, so that makes him even more awesome! 

Bonus picture: Orlando and Ben together 

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful post,


Day 22: How Have You Changed in the Past Few Years? Share Pictures.

I love looking at picture from when I was younger! So many memories. 
For example, in the first picture, when I was seven or eight, and my sister Katie was three or four, we were sitting on my parents' bed; it was our favorite spot. On it, we used to play Kid Vs. Child, which was a very un-ladylike wrestling game. In the second picture, which was taken only last week, me (now 15) and Katie (now 12) were in my bedroom, which is where all of my writing magic happens.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 20: How Important Do You Think Education Is?

God gave humans curiosity, a thirst for knowledge. That fact in itself tells us that learning is important. Everyone deserves a good education, because ignorance is not bliss.

That being said, I think there is a lot wrong with the school system. It's not even about learning anymore, it's about memorizing answers so you can pass tests and get good grades. High schoolers are given hours upon hours of homework every day, which leads to sleep deprivation and anxiety. Students are expected to all learn the same exact way, even though every single one of them is completely different. 

Because of this, most teenagers hate school. They see it has a burden rather than a wonderful  privilege. 

I don't know any of this first-hand, but I hear it all the time from my friends. When they talk about their homework and exams and tests and studying, I feel so blessed to be homeschooled. Yes, my school is still challenging. But I can really learn. I don't just memorize a bunch of stuff. I can take as many electives as I want; I can learn about things I find interesting. I learn at my own pace. My teacher knows me better than anyone, so she knows how I need to learn. I have time to read good novels and write as much as I want. I can go to museums and zoos for art and science. I actually learn

This is the main reason I want to become a teacher. Being homeschooled has made me realize that every single student learns differently. Getting good grades does not necessarily mean you're smart, and getting bad grades does not necessarily mean you're dumb. Every student, whether they get straight A's or straight F's, or even if they can't afford an education at all, has potential. I want to become a teacher so that I can help all of my students reach that potential.