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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 23: Post Pictures of Five Celebrities You Find Attractive

 It's almost embarrassing how easy this post was for me.

1.Tom Hiddleston (no surprises there). 

2. Benedict Cumberbatch. He is seriously just so unique and strange-looking that it makes him so handsome. He is also one of the best actors ever.

3. Colin O'Donogue. I don't know if I love him or his character more. 

4. Viggo Mortensen. He has great facial hair. And Aragorn is like, the perfect man.

5. Orlando Bloom. I fell in love with him/Will Turner when I was really little. Plus he punched Justin Beiber a few months ago, so that makes him even more awesome! 

Bonus picture: Orlando and Ben together 

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful post,


Day 22: How Have You Changed in the Past Few Years? Share Pictures.

I love looking at picture from when I was younger! So many memories. 
For example, in the first picture, when I was seven or eight, and my sister Katie was three or four, we were sitting on my parents' bed; it was our favorite spot. On it, we used to play Kid Vs. Child, which was a very un-ladylike wrestling game. In the second picture, which was taken only last week, me (now 15) and Katie (now 12) were in my bedroom, which is where all of my writing magic happens.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 20: How Important Do You Think Education Is?

God gave humans curiosity, a thirst for knowledge. That fact in itself tells us that learning is important. Everyone deserves a good education, because ignorance is not bliss.

That being said, I think there is a lot wrong with the school system. It's not even about learning anymore, it's about memorizing answers so you can pass tests and get good grades. High schoolers are given hours upon hours of homework every day, which leads to sleep deprivation and anxiety. Students are expected to all learn the same exact way, even though every single one of them is completely different. 

Because of this, most teenagers hate school. They see it has a burden rather than a wonderful  privilege. 

I don't know any of this first-hand, but I hear it all the time from my friends. When they talk about their homework and exams and tests and studying, I feel so blessed to be homeschooled. Yes, my school is still challenging. But I can really learn. I don't just memorize a bunch of stuff. I can take as many electives as I want; I can learn about things I find interesting. I learn at my own pace. My teacher knows me better than anyone, so she knows how I need to learn. I have time to read good novels and write as much as I want. I can go to museums and zoos for art and science. I actually learn

This is the main reason I want to become a teacher. Being homeschooled has made me realize that every single student learns differently. Getting good grades does not necessarily mean you're smart, and getting bad grades does not necessarily mean you're dumb. Every student, whether they get straight A's or straight F's, or even if they can't afford an education at all, has potential. I want to become a teacher so that I can help all of my students reach that potential.


Day 19: What Is Your Biggest Regret in Life?

I'm very blessed in that I can honestly say  I don't have one big regret. However, upon hearing the word 'regret', there are several small ones that come to mind.

Before I tell you, let me attempt to explain to you my personality. I am basically one big oxymoron. I am very introverted, but am also such a people-person. I tend to get anxiety if I ever have to go up to someone and introduce myself, but if someone else does the introducing, I'm a social butterfly. 

That being said, most of my regrets are times when I wanted to introduce myself to someone but didn't. There's always that horrible what if feeling.

What if that girl and me were meant to become friends? What if I could have helped that person grow closer to Christ? What if that cute guy praying alone in the chapel was my future husband? 

I know that last one seems a little outrageous, but as the fabulous Jane Austen once said, "A woman's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment."

Every time I start to regret something I didn't do, I always tell myself that next time I'll do it. I still haven't, which of course I regret, but hopefully I'll have many more 'next times.' Maybe some day I'll have the nerve to go up to someone that I think looks interesting to talk to, and I'll introduce myself and we'll become good friends. Maybe.


Day 21: What is Your Favorite TV Show and Why?

Most likely due to the fact that I'm a total fantasy/fairytale nerd, my favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time.

The writers of this show are absolute geniuses. It's honestly amazing how every little detail you think is unimportant later becomes something huge, and how everything connects somehow. 

I also am in love with the people in the show. Once Upon a Time is full of my favorite type of characters; I refer to them as "Snape characters," or "Loki characters." These are the ones that you initially don't like, maybe even hate. Then as you get to know their back stories and their fears and their wants, you start to understand why they act the way they do. You start to pity them, and then like them (if you're me, you'll probably fall madly in love with them). Some examples of Snape and Loki characters include Regina (the Evil Queen), Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin), and my personal favorite, Killian Jones (Captain Hook). 

Along with an amazing plot and unforgettable characters, OUAT is full of meaningful themes, such as love, friendship, family, seeing the good in others, and finding your way home. I love themes. I just really love them. 

In conclusion, if you haven't seen this show, you need to go watch it. It's so great.



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 18: What is One Book You Could Read Over and Over?

There are actually lots of books I could read over and over; I do it all the time. But if I had to pick just one, it would be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

That book is the epitome of nostalgia for me. Harry Potter was the first series I had ever fallen in love with. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were my best friends. I grew up with them. I laughed with them. I laughed at them. I cried with them. I cried for them. I learned with them. I loved with them.I fought with them. And then suddenly, it was over. People died. People kissed. Love won. And I realized that I wanted to be a writer so that I could make people feel the same way I feel while reading Harry Potter.

Every time I read that book, I fall in love with fiction all over again. I read it, and I understand how powerful words can be. I read it, and I want to change someone's life with my writing, just like Jo Rowling changed mine. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 17: List the Best Times You've Had in 2014 So Far

1. The March for Life. This was such an amazing trip. I got to travel to Washington DC, stand up for something I believe in, and make a ton of new friends.

2. Ancora Retreat. Another awesome trip! I talk about it in this post.

3. Dance Recital. I have one every summer, and they're so amazing. Nothing compares to the feeling of being on stage, and hearing the audience applaud when you finish your performance. My parents always end up crying at my recitals, which is always quite fun.

4. Catholic Familyland. I talked about CFL in this post. It was one of the best weeks of my summer. I love that place so much. It's like a second home.

5. Steubenville. The Steubenville conference will always hold the record for the most fun possible to have in three days. Seriously though, it is amazing. I grow so much closer to God and all of my friends in that weekend. I'm already looking forward to next year, and the  several years after when I will hopefully be a student at Fransican University. FUS is one of my favorite places in the world.

6. The County Fair. Like I said on day 15, I show sheep and turkeys at my county fair. It's so much fun. I'm usually pretty girly, but for one week I just get to be a total country girl. I also made $1,500 in the livestock auction, which was a total blessing from God! Yay for college money!

6. The Y.E.S Project. This was another one of the super-cool things I did this summer. Y.E.S is basically a week of volunteering in needy areas around the city. While growing in my relationship with God and meeting a ton of awesome people, I got a bunch of service hours, which are always good to have.

7. Exclaim. In July, I got to go to Exclaim. Exclaim is a free Christian concert held just a few minutes from my house. There I saw For King & Country and Tenth Avenue North perform live, and I even got a picture with the God-loving, talented, and extremely good looking Joel from For King & Country. That was a major fangirl moment.

8. Tennessee.  I got to take a road trip with my best friend down to Tennessee! There we saw Keith Urban in concert, and toured all of downtown Nashville. I even got to go into a few Honky Tonks :)

Those are some of the best times I've had so far in 2014. I am so incredibly blessed, and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for me.


What Would Have Happened If...?

Have you ever stopped to think about what would have happened if your favorite movie had one extra scene? Or maybe if it had one scene taken away?

This question is this week's prompt for my writing group, the Wordsmiths. I decided to pick one of my favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Rather than add in an extra scene, I decided to see what would happen if I took a scene away.

Imagine what would have happened if Sam didn't rescue Frodo from Shelob.

Before I get into the details, I want to talk about Sam. Samwise Gamgee is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. He is the best friend anyone could ever ask for, especially someone with a task as horrifying as Frodo's. Sam, a plump little gardener who loves his home in the Shire, loyally follows his best friend to (almost literally) the ends of the earth. He is selfless and brave and so positive for someone doing what he does.

Only once does Sam ever leave Frodo's side. In The Return of the King, Frodo, who is slowly being tempted and brainwashed by the Ring, tells Sam to leave. He says he doesn't need Sam anymore. Imagine how Sam must have felt. He had been following Frodo for nearly eighteen miserable months. He was always patient with Frodo's many mood swings. He was always loyal, always helpful. And then one day, almost at the end of their long journey, and through no fault of his own, Frodo tells him to leave. Frodo and Gollum leave Sam sitting on a gloomy cliff-top, crying. It is probably the saddest scene in any movie I've seen. It breaks my heart every time.

At first, Sam doesn't follow his "Mr. Frodo", but thank goodness he eventually changes his mind. When he finds Frodo again, he is tied up and being dragged away by the monster, Her Magesty, Shelob (I still, to this day, have never actually watched that scene; I would probably have a panic attack. I really don't do spiders, especially car sized, murderous ones). Samwise the Brave, selfless as ever, despite being incredibly hurt, saves Frodo and the Ring. He, a little Hobbit of the Shire, kills a monster that has plagued Middle Earth since before Sauron himself even existed!

Now, let's imagine that this amazing scene was taken out of the movie; it never existed. Frodo and Gollum leave Sam alone on that cliff-top crying, and that's it. Sam actually listens to what his master says. He leaves, and doesn't turn back. Frodo would never have been saved from Shelob. She would have stripped all of his clothes and weapons away, including the Ring, and eaten him. Then Smeagol would have gotten the Ring, as was always his plan. It would only be a matter of days, probably, before he was located. Then Sauron would finally have the Ring for himself.

Terror and darkness and death would spread like wildfire throughout Middle Earth. The race of Man would quickly die out, followed by the Dwarves and Ents and eventually the Elves. Only evil would remain.

Depressing, huh? All of this would have happened if Sam wasn't such an amazing and loyal friend. All of this would have happened if Sam hadn't stayed strong in the face of terrible temptation.

J.R.R Tolkien was clearly correct when he wrote, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 16: What is my Opinion on Mainstream Music?

For me, probably because I am a writer and a lover of beautiful words, music is all about the lyrics. The artist is supposed to tell a story. They're supposed to give the listeners little glimpses of their thoughts and emotions; of their very souls. Music is supposed to be beautiful (who doesn't love beautiful things? Not anyone that I know. I think it's just a little quirk unique to humans. We love beauty.). So why is there so much ugly music out there?

I think it's because music stopped being about sharing beauty with others, and it started being all about making money. So many songwriters don't care about intellect or soul, all they care about is creating a catchy beat and selling as many songs as they can.

In answer to the actual question, I think some mainstream music is okay. A lot is disgusting and degrading, but some of it I like, as long as it has meaningful lyrics. For example, "Say Something" by A Great Big World was the song for a few months this year, and I really loved it. Why? Because it has good lyrics, and also beautiful piano. But then there are songs like "Wiggle," that are at the top of the charts. Why does that song even exist? Jason Derulo is literally just talking about what a nice butt this girl in the club has. How beautiful.

Like I said, not all music is like this. Some of it is actually good. I don't think you can really judge all of the mainstream music; it's very eclectic. If I ever listen to Kiss FM, Ed Sheeran (love) will play right after Pitbull (don't love). I guess you can't judge something by its label!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 15: Write 10 Interesting Facts About Yourself

   I always find things like these so hard to write, because I think of myself as such a boring person. I know that that's probably not the truth, but I can't help feeling that way. Sometimes I feel like such a Mary Sue. It just seems like all my friends have these funny little quirks, and things that, if they were characters, would make them unforgettable ones. And then there's me. I can't really even say what it is. I just feel rather boring and predictable. But, despite all of this, I'll attempt to tell you some interesting things about myself.

1. I have done ballet for eleven years, and am now assistant-teaching at my studio.

2. I show lambs (and some years turkeys) at my county fair.

3. I have an anonymous twitter account devoted to Catholicism.

4. I also have an anonymous Instagram account devoted to modest fashion.

5. I cry in pretty much any movie I watch.

6. I's a coffee addict.

7. If I could be best friends with any fictional character I'd either pick Luna Lovegood or Samwise Gamgee.

8. I have a serious crush on Tom Hiddleston. 

9. If I could marry any fictional character, I'd pick Aragorn son of Arathorn.

10. I have never finished a novel (maybe I should do that sometime soon?)

So there you are! Sorry about my depressing beginning to this post. But I guess you're supposed to share parts of your soul when you write, right?