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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 Years

   Isn't it great to think that there is a day that all of your loved ones drop everything and celebrate the fact that you are alive? I think it's such a beautiful thing.
   Today was my fifteenth birthday, and it was such a great day. First I saw the new Disney movie Frozen, which I will talk about later, then I had a youth group meeting. Then I came home and opened presents.
    I am probably the most mature immature person I know. Now let me elaborate. I'm mature in the way I conduct myself, or so I have been told, but my imagination will forever be an immature child's. It makes me sad to watch so many teenagers scoff at fantasy, and books in general, saying things like, "That would never happen in real life." But isn't that the point? Until this day, at fifteen years old, I'm in love with fantasy. I hope I don't ever lose the child-like imagination that I have, because that would be a disastrous loss.
   Seeing Frozen today definitely reminded myself of my inner-child. That movie was simply fantastic. Spoiler alerts ahead for those who haven't seen it yet. Firstly, I loved the characters. Anna (when I went to see the movie, I knew nothing about it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the protagonist had the same name as me, considering it was my birthday.) is adorable. She is a young girl that has hardly ever left her castle and yearns for adventure and love-- which she searches for in all the wrong places-- but eventually finds. I loved Kristoff because he's basically the male version of myself. And Elsa? She was my favorite character. When you watch the trailer for Frozen, they make it seem like Elsa in the evil queen. The antagonist. But she is anything but. Elsa is simply a girl that has a horrible burden on her shoulders. A burden that she secretly loves, but is also terrified of. At first she lets her fear get the best of her and she flees, but it's mostly out of love for her sister. In the end she learns that love is the key to controlling her powers, and she uses them for good.
   I was watching a scene from the movie on Youtube today, and one of the comments really ticked me off (I need to learn to ignore reading the comments.) Some lady said that the plot was horrible because it was all about love, and that made it shallow. Question mark, question mark? What exactly about love is shallow? Well, if you're talking about the supposed "love" in Twilight, I would understand. But in Frozen? The main reason that I loved Frozen was because (SPOILER) in the end, it's the love between two sisters, not between the princess and the prince, that saves the day. And I thought that was beautiful. Frozen also clearly shows the several different types of love. There are many different kinds. For instance: the love between Anna and Elsa represents family love. The love between Anna and Kristoff represents the love between a man and a woman. And the love between Anna and Olaf represents the love that friends share (when he says that some people are worth melting for!!!!)
  Anyway, sorry for my rant, but one thing about me is that I can never simply love something, I have to become obsessed. That's just the way I am.
   For my birthday (so far:) I've gotten an adorable pair of black leather boots, red ballet flats, a read scarf and gloves, and a black and gray sweater dress from Old Navy. I'm opening more presents on Friday when more of my family gets home from college.



  1. I agree, Frozen was wonderful. Happy Birthday to you (eighteen days late). And Happy New Year as well.

  2. Thank you very much! And a Happy New Year to you as well.