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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


  I'm the kind of person that, when starting some new workout or diet or something like that, I have to start it on a Monday. Monday, the first day after the weekend, is the day you kind of get your life back in order. Everything has to start on a Monday.  As a result, I find the new year very refreshing, sort of like a Monday. It's a time to get your life back in order; start something new.
   I really love the new year.
  Here are some of my resolutions/my bucket list for 2014.

I will not drink any pop during 2014.
I will finish my novel.
I will pass my ballet exam.
I will be more productive.
I will eat healthier.
I will exercise more.
I will try harder in everything I do.
I will make a new friend.
I will become better friends with Jesus.

I think 2014 will be a good year.



  1. That's a good list. Good luck. I will say, however, that I couldn't give up soda for a year. It's not that I drink it a whole lot, I just need the fizz and the sugar every once in a while to improve my mood. Happy New Year.

  2. Yeah, I feel ya. I have already changed my resolution to "I won't order pop at restaurants." :)