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Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Saved Me

   Yesterday I was thinking about what to give up for Lent, and somehow this poem came into existence. I guess a writer just never really stops writing :)

You Saved Me

You said, “I would do anything for you.”
I said, “Prove it.”
You smiled sadly and said, “I will.”

You felt all of my guilt and sadness
Right down in your soul.
You knew what was coming,
And no one else did.
You were so afraid you trembled,
But fear didn’t stop you.

The people came and dragged you away.
I think the only reason they could have done it
Was because they didn’t know you like I did.
You weren’t angry at them;
You were just sad.
They didn’t love you like you loved them.
They asked you questions,
And you gave them honest answers they didn’t like.
So they decided to get rid of you.

They whipped you,
Ripping your flesh so mercilessly off your body
That your bones showed.
Any skin you had left was stained red.
They stabbed your head with rods,
And made you carry your own death sentence on your back.
The wood splintered your raw shoulder.
You walked.
You fell.
You thought of me and got up again.

You were thrown onto your back.
They held the nail in place.
They raised the hammer high and slammed it down.
The nail buried itself into your hands and feet,
Smashing bones and ripping muscles.
Tears blurred your eyes.

They raised up the cross,
And a scream escaped your lips.
It felt like your hands were going to rip in half.
Your breathing was ragged and shallow.
You were suffocating.
I thought you would hate me.
This was my fault.
But hanging there on the cross,
Your tear-filled eyes showed only love.
You cried.
You cried for me.
You cried for the people that hated you.
You cried because you felt like no one loved you anymore.
But I did.
You saved me.

Shoutout to Jesus for being awesome. Xxx Anna